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Easy Saffron Pasta

With lemon, garlic, and white wine. A simple and perfect side dish you can eat all year long. 

Step 1

Bloom the Saffron; Sauté the Garlic

Bloom the saffron in hot water to release its flavors as you start the pan sauce. 

Step 2

Deglaze the Sautéed Garlic

Use the bloomed saffron water, vermouth or white wine, and lemon juice. Then emulsify with butter.

Step 3

Add the Cooked Pasta

I like something long and silky for this saffron pasta recipe, but you can really use any pasta you like. 

Step 4

Enjoy your Saffron Pasta!

This recipe is done in about 20 minutes total. So it's perfect for a weeknight pasta fix and fancy dinner party alike. Get the full recipe below.