At Home Steak Recipe

Reverse-Seared Coffee-Rubbed Ribeye Steak

The combination of coffee, warm spices, and a tender juicy texture makes this the perfect steak recipe. 

Step 1

Salt the Steak and Refrigerate

This process is called "dry brining." The salt draws out the liquid which then evaporates, resulting in a dry exterior, perfect for developing a crust later. 

Step 2

Make the Dry Rub with Coffee and Spices

The steak won't taste like any one spice, but rather a rich combination of warm flavors that enhance the meatiness of the steak.

Step 3

Coat the Steak in the Coffee Rub Mixture

Make sure it's fully coated to achieve the most flavor and deep brown color all over the steak.

Step 4

Slow Roast in a Low Oven until Medium Rare

The steak is done roasting when the internal temperature reaches 125F for medium rare. 

Step 5

Sear Steak on all Sides until Crusty

This last step just takes 1 minute per side in a smoking hot skillet. Make sure to sear the fat cap too!

Step 6

Slice the Coffee Rubbed Steak and Enjoy!

This rich and comforting steak is amazing with light crunchy salads.