Delicious Summer Side Dish

Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Salad Recipe

This crunchy cucumber salad is simple but loaded with flavor. It's sweet, spicy, nutty, acidic, and so refreshing. 

Step 1

Score and Slice the Cucumbers

Remove half of the skin in strips then score with a fork and slice. They look like little cucumber flowers and have the best texture! 

Step 2

Salt and Drain the Cucumbers & Onions

Salt the Cucumbers to draw out some of their moisture, then discard the excess water. This will let them soak up the dressing more readily. 

Step 3

Add the Sweet & Sour Dressing

Add the sugar and vinegars to the cucumber salad, and let them soak for at least 10 minutes before serving to develop the best flavor.

Step 4

Add Calabrian Chili Peppers & Toasted Sesame Seeds

For this recipe use whole Calabrian chili peppers that you've sliced, and black sesame seeds for the best color contrast.

Step 5

Plate & Serve your Delicious Cucumber Salad

The flavors in this cucumber salad make it such a crowd pleaser. It's a must-try ASAP (recipe below)