4 Side Dishes

Delicious Sides Mom will adore

for Mother's Day 2022

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Its orange hue combined with its fresh tomato and mascarpone flavors are perfect for complimenting a Mothers Day spread.

Recipe #1

7- Ingredient Tomato & Mascarpone Risotto

Italian mothers have been making penne with pink sauce for generations. Return the favor with  this easy but unique Pink Sauce recipe.

Recipe #2

Easy and Delicious Penne with Pink Sauce

Walnuts, Parmesan, and a delicious lemon dijon vinaigrette make this pasta salad perfect for Mother's Day 2022

Recipe #3

Lemon Arugula Pasta Salad

Italian Fried Eggplant or Eggplant Milanese is a simple dish that requires a little extra effort which Mom totally deserves. 

Recipe #4

Eggplant Milanese

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